Thursday, December 22, 2011

Red Fox

This morning, I startled a Red Fox from along the shore of the lake. It was hidden in the vegetation along the north shore of the lake when I walked by. I got a bit too close without realizing it was there, and it quickly padded away across the frozen edge of the lake for a more secluded area.

This is another good example of why I get frustrated by all of the people who let their dogs off-leash in the park every morning. We do have native wildlife around here other than squirrels. They're generally more wary, however, and they don't often show up in areas where large domestic dogs are running free and crashing through the shoreline vegetation.

Brown Creepers continue to hang around the park; I saw 4 of them this morning. I wonder if they're more numerous this winter than years past or if I've just gotten better at noticing them...


  1. great to know! i wish i could subscribe via RSS to this blog, i'd love to keep up to date!

  2. Hi lisa. You can subscribe via RSS. I just had forgotten to put up a link to the feed. You can now find it in the right side-bar under 'Subscribe'. (for generic rss readers, you can just use the 'atom' option)