Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fall Warblers

As far as I'm concerned, today marks the start of fall. Sure, there have been signs that summer has been coming to a close for the past week or two (reports of a sandpiper at the lake, Eastern Phoebes showing up after being MIA for the entire breeding season, an Empidonax flycatcher or two, a probable Ruby-throated Hummingbird that buzzed me last week, etc). But this morning I saw my first migratory warblers of the season.

Canada Warbler (male) by Jeremy Meyer, on Flickr

A single Canada Warbler (which is a new bird for me at Powderhorn Park) and a single Black-and-white Warbler were foraging in the trees on the hillside next to the tennis courts this morning. Hopefully more will join them over the next couple of days.

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Merlin

The heat, humidity, and mosquitoes have cut down a bit on my walks through the park lately. Not to mention the fact that I've mostly seen the same 10-15 species every time I've gone out for the past month or so. But this morning there was a new visitor hanging out in the southeast corner of the park. High up on a dead snag at the top of a spruce tree next to the playground was a small falcon with a strongly banded tail: the first Merlin I've seen at Powderhorn Park. It didn't stick around for long after I had spotted it; it soon flew out of the park to the southwest.