Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Picking Up Steam

Well, the new arrivals have been showing up at a much faster pace the last few days. Yesterday morning on my walk around the lake, I saw my first Great Blue Heron of the year and a lone Pied-billed Grebe on the lake. I haven't seen either of them since then, so I don't know whether they were just briefly passing through or if they're just hiding very well now. Up near the tennis courts, a small group of Fox Sparrows was foraging in the conifer trees.

Over lunch hour I went out for another walk around the lake and got great looks at a pair of beautiful bright blue Eastern Bluebirds. This is the first time I've personally seen bluebirds at Powderhorn. There were also a good number of Dark-eyed Juncos still hanging out in the vegetation along the shorline.

Last night at dusk, I caught a brief glimpse of a bat flying through the sky.

This morning on my walk, in addition to the proliferation of song sparrows belting out their tunes, I saw my first Eastern Phoebe of the year, as well as a pair of Cooper's Hawks gathering nesting material. Hopefully they'll nest in the park again this year.

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