Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Over my lunch hour, I took my usual walk around the park. I had seen bluebirds for each of the past two mornings and heard some bluebird twittering from the north end of the park. Following the sound led me to a bluebird nest, with both parents bringing food to a nest cavity near the upper playground. Also in that area, I discovered a White-breasted Nuthatch nest cavity.

Since it's been a while since my last post, I'll just include a brief list of some of the notable species I've seen in the last couple of weeks (species I've never seen before marked with a *, species that i've not seen at powderhorn before marked with a +). Notice the relatively large number of flycatchers and unfortunately low numbers of warblers:

  • black-crowned night-heron
  • cooper's hawk
  • spotted sandpiper
  • chimney swift
  • olive-sided flycatcher
  • eastern wood-pewee+
  • yellow-bellied flycatcher*
  • least flycatcher
  • great crested flycatcher
  • blue-headed vireo*
  • red-eyed vireo
  • eastern bluebird
  • swainson's thrush*
  • orange-crowned warbler
  • nashville warbler
  • american redstart
  • common yellowthroat
  • lincoln's sparrow
  • white-crowned sparrow+
  • baltimore oriole+

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