Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sparrows on the move

It seems fall is officially here. Just a few days ago, I saw my first junco of the season at powderhorn park. Today, many others have joined. There are also quite a few white-throated sparrows around the park, mostly hanging out by the reeds on the northwest side of the lake. I also saw a swamp sparrow in the NW reeds this morning; the first time I've seen one at powderhorn. Another highlight from this morning - my first sighting of a harris' sparrow. It was hanging out in the conifer trees up on the hill near the tennis courts. It looked like a first winter bird, as the black on the face and neck was quite light.

A few warblers are also clearly moving through. This morning I saw at least 3 palm warblers in the NW reeds, in addition to 1 nashville warbler. A couple days prior, a ruby-crowned kinglet was hanging out here as well.

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